Criador Labs Industrial Design Services


Invention & Proof of Concept (POC)

Proof of Concept is method by which inventor can check product feasibility and viability in the real world, before investing a huge amount of time for complete product development.

If someone has an innovative idea and they want to test their idea and the feasibility in terms of technology and market availability, we can help you in refining your ideas and develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In this phase, we create a basic design and develop a POC prototype with the help of-of the self-parts and basic prototyping process. Our focus during the POC is how soon we can validate the inventor’s idea with minimum resources so that they can make a decision if they want to move further with the project or if they want to think about other new innovative ideas.

Design Research

Design Research is essential part for a new product design & development, it’s focus mainly on understanding of people for whom we are designing the product, It’s allow us to develop a user-centered design.

We start our work from opportunity. If our client finds an opportunity in the current market scenarios, we will gather, all the data related to opportunity from the client and develop a list of user needs. Based on the user needs, we create a different persona for the consumers. After that, we make a set of questions and schedule interviews with the consumers to understand, if the product satisfies their needs currently and also if there are any changes that can be made to improve the product. After the data gathering from the consumers, we architect and develop a matrix of product features and applications.

CMF Analysis

Colour is product identity
Material is its strength
Finishing is about feeling

CMF analysis is In this phase, we analyse the color, finishing and using the most suitable material for the product. During the CMF we try to understand our client’s vision, product segment, and user profile. Based on observations we create different color patterns, finishing level and material options for the product. Based on brand style and user interest we will select CMF so the product can reflect brand vision into it.


Criador Labs Design Engineering

Engineering Design

Engineering Design is about how product is functioning with efficiency. Creating a different mechanism to satisfy the purpose of product and Stimulate them to select most efficient method is part of engineering design.

We work on mechanism development, calculating mechanical performance of the device and create “Design For Manufacturing” (DFM). We also perform different simulations like Thermal, Vibration, Stress and Strain Analysis, we also cover water and dust resistant analysis during this phase to make sure the product has a standard as per IP ratings. We have positioned it as a reliable vendor for mechanical design services, providing concepts to complete 3D designs of objects with simulations and analysis data of object, because every machine has its own separate mechanism relating to their operating method.

Electronics & Software

For the technology product, Electronics & Software works as a soul for it. This is what make product works, & In today’s connecting word, electronics should integrate with design aspect of the product.

As the technology is growing, we need to understand electronics and software in the aspect of product. Here we cover embedded coding, firmware development and later PCB Design and development to board fabrications. We test our electronics in real time scenario to check product efficiency.

Website development

We build any category of websites from prototype to deployment. We promise to deliver responsive websites which are suitable for every device sizes.We follow google material design guidelines for developing the application designs.We develop on high end and latest technologies with Angular,React and Vue.js on front-end,Node.js on backend,PostgreSQL,MongoDB and Neo4j on the database,Aws EC2 servers for managing the deployment.

Mobile Applications Development

We build Android and iOS mobile Applications right from the prototype to deployment. We adhere to providing rich UI/UX following google material design guidelines. We develop both client mobile applications and a server application with the required architecture providing an end to end solution. We follow Node.js for server application and MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Neo4j technologies for database design. We promise to deliver high performance and low latency mobile Applications in both Android and iOS platforms.We are experienced with wide variety of services and SDK's and can adapt the architecture of the application to any design needs.

Criador Labs Prototyping


Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping is the stage when first time, your idea get converted into a real physical object. Building a prototypes gives us the idea how the product will work in real life, to make sure we will get right product after the mass production. We follow the critical feedback methods to make prototypes:
1. Alpha Test
In this phase we develop the very first prototype to test the product functionality, and use our in-house facilities (SLA And FDM )3D Printers, and other equipments to develop the prototype. We assemble the product housing with required electronics. Our motive during this phase is to test the complete prototype to check it’s functionality and performance. If we find any issues during our tests we update the design and retest. 2. Beta Test
We create multiple prototypes and send it to the end users to use these prototypes for a certain period of time generally (3-4 Weeks). Att the end of testing with real-time users, we gather data related to the user experience with our beta prototypes. If we still find any issue in our user experience we rethink the design and once we come up with a solution and finalize the product design. 3. Production Ready Prototype
Here the prototype almost looks and works like the final product and has the same finishing and durability. Generally, people want to use the prototype for marketing, to present to the investors and to start a crowdfunding. After this phase we are ready for mass production.

Batch Production

We called it “Short Run Production” also. Before mass production, everyone wants to test his/her products on the market with the end consumer so generally, people asking for 50-1000 ready to sell units of their products. We used polyurethane (soft tooling) to produce limited numbers, it’s cost effective compare to injection & blows modeling, and the process is faster.

Production Consultancy

During our journey, we realized many good products which we designed to get stuck in the mass production. Due to clients less experience with production technologies and QC ability. So we decided to help them in this domain so they will able to launch the product in the market in a short period of time. We have our or manufacturing vendor partner in China & India who is working on our designed products. In this services, we share designs and production requirements with the manufacturer and collect quotes from them and analysis which one is more suitable as per our client's requirements and budget. Once the manufacturer gets selected we are handling all the operations during mass production and do our Quality Check on each stage of the development.


Criador Labs Brand Identity

Corporate Identity

This is our most creative services, where we understand our client’s company value, their vision, mission, develop their visiting card, flyers, banners, Diaries which reflect their values. We focus on delivering the message by the corporate identity to their consumers, Team Members by their Design & Colors. Corporate identity is a crucial factor to build brand awareness, and influence the customer’s decision-making process. In graphic design, we try to solve problems through imagination techniques. We try to visualize data which is provided by you and create graphics with merging creativity, strategy, aesthetics and your brand values. We give service for logo design, printing, and info graphics.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is important as it plays the key role to create better product experience from its first glance, it influence consumer perception. For packaging design, we try to communicate product essence and values of the brand that the company is trying to convey to its consumer. We provide packaging design with ingenuity, innovation, modern, uniqueness, aesthetic and packaging architecture which will represent your brand story.

Workshop & Learning

Design Thinking Workshop: We believe in sharing knowledge, so we are open to conducting a Design Thinking seminar for corporates, educational institutes, NGOs, Research Centers, MSMEs, and Startups. Generally, this seminar can be 2 hours to 15 hours (2 days).
Module 1: Gathering Insights
Understand the design thinking framework through case studies
Identifying users pain points
Learn how to gather data and contextualize them into a meaningful architecture
Module 2: Ideation
Reframing and Ideation - Go wide and wild problem-solving technique
Know how to foresee the needs based on user personas Module 3: Implementation
Prototyping and testing - fail fast, keep moving technique
Know how to stitch the design to the insights gathered
Open-Discussion: Your current role and how design thinking benefits you