Calco - Digital Calculator Watch


The Calco is a digital watch with a calculator functionality designed to bring back the famous calculator watches of the past decades with a modern design, so as to offer a nostalgia effect for the millenials.


The vision

Building off Criador Lab’s work on the Calco, the vision was to create an aesthetic, modern, rugged, classy and user-friendly calculator watch for millennials. The goal was to revive the calculator watches from decades ago with the modern twist.

The process

We started with the industrial design of Calco with ideation of the watch by creating multiple sketches.

Image Image

Then we did the CFM analysis, where we used stainless steel as the material for both the watch and the calculator buttons with soft plastic to make it robust and premium. We went with Black, Silver, and Gold colour options with matte finish to keep it minimalist and classy. Then we arrived at the final concept designs and finalised one along with the client that did best in aesthetics and ergonomics

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The next step included engineering design that included:

a) Taking the final concept design to a manufacturable design (DFM) of watch case, side buttons, calculator buttons for CNC machining and injection moulding.

b) Working on embedded software development that includes the algorithms for the calculator features that include - arithmetic function(+, -, *, and /), power function, constant function and for the digital watch features include dual time zone, stop watch, alarm clock, alarm sound, and Chrono mode.

c) The hardware development that included the PCB development and fixtures to hold battery. The primary components included - LCD screen with backlight, a microcontroller and a battery unit.


The final step was prototyping, where the fabricated PCB and the components were assembled together and then fitted to a 3D printed watch (using Polyjet technology). The watch was tested rigorously for the mechanical fit, ergonomics and the software bugs and were sorted out before shipping to the client.

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