Mixer Grinder

CRIADOR LABS | Published : April 2020

Bajaj Stormix


As bajaj is in making of mixer grinder from such a long time they focus on powerful motor and unbreakable container . The Bajaj storamix is their new design where they have worked on form for simplicity and powerful motor for less noise while grinding. In this design they have thought about the colour too as white gets dirty very easily due to the stain of chutney and juice.

But looking into the usability perspective they have considered longevity but analysing the making process of juice , chutney and masala .They haven’t looked into visibility perspective in making process, the user checks it many times for the perfect consistency they want. So, they have to always open the lid after they used the mixer but if bajaj added transparent section in the cap the problem will be solved.

Butterfly Jet Elite


Butterfly is known for its quality and their different design considering their user. Jet Elite is one of new design for hassle-free and smooth operation. After analysing design of the mixer grinder seems they have considered the usability and longevity of the product . After going threw the costumer review the problem is Rubber ring which is needed to fix the cap to the jar , some food gets stuck in the line it is difficult so the design of the ring can change or can provide simple cleaning tool with the product it will also help to clean the juice jar too.

Prestige Delight Plus


Prestige is known for their kitchen appliances. Their new design Prestige Delight Plus,where they have focused on it should be Colorful, Stylish and Powerful .where they have used the Copper Winding Motor and changed color theme yellow and black . They have provided 3 Stainless Steel Jars, 1 juicer jar and haven't change the design of jars . This design mixer’s bottom is very bulky it will take a lot of space and can create difficulty to store in the kitchen with the containers .They can make it less bulky product or design container which can be stacked or does not take a lot of space . There is no other problem as such from the usability perspective.

Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro


Bosch design a lot of different kind of products. Bosch appliances truemixx pro mixer has been designed considering HiFlux motor , Stone Pounding Technology,Active flow breaker, lid locks etc . starting from the lid they have designed considering usability perspective as they given hand free grinding process by providing locks on lid . They have provided four jars with spatula to remove chutney. Three of the jars are made of metal but as per the review by user the metal jars while grinding heats up.

Philips HL7707/00


Philips have designed affordable and good quality mixer grinder from so many years .Philips HL7707/00 one of the new design , they have provided 4 jars which they have claimed to be chef pro jars for slicing ,chopping ,juicing ,and, kneading.They have also worked on machine, its Compact design takes minimum space for storage and on ergonomically designed body structure provides sturdy operation while grinding tough ingredients. They have also made containers dishwasher safe.

Analysing Philips HL7707/00 mixer grinder ,they have looked into the process of usability and storage purpose while designing it. They can just improve the usability purpose by giving customer a cleaning tool with the mixer as it will help the user to clean the jars as they struggle to clean it because of sharp blends. This will solve the problem .