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We are a design firm built on the foundation of innovation. We believe in creative innovation combined with human-centric methodologies to create best-in-class design solutions. Our goal is to create the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

Stories of Inspiration

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Why Would You Redesign a Product?

As product designers, we believe in good product design for its own sake. It is our passion, after all! But why should you care? Why is investing in good product design suitable for your business?

Why Invest in Good Product Design?

Start-ups often have limited time and resources. But early investment in good product design can be the decisive factor in the success or failure of your venture.

Invention & Proof of Concept (POC)

Proof of Concept is a method by which an inventor can check product feasibility and viability in the real world, before investing a tremendous amount of time for complete product development.

Suppose someone has an innovative idea and they want to test their idea and the feasibility of technology and market availability. In that case, we can help you refine your ideas and develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In this phase, we create a basic design and develop a POC prototype with the help of-of the self-parts and basic prototyping process. Our focus during the POC is how soon we can validate the inventor’s idea with minimum resources to make a decision if they want to move further with the project or if they want to think about other new innovative ideas.

Design Research

Design Research is an essential part of a new product design & development; it focuses mainly on the understanding of people for whom we are designing the product; it allows us to develop a user-centred design.

We start our work from opportunity. If our client finds an opportunity in the current market scenarios, we will gather, all the data related to the opportunity from the client and develop a list of user needs. We create a different persona for the consumers based on the user needs. After that, we make a set of questions and schedule interviews with the consumers to understand if the product currently satisfies their needs and if any changes can be made to improve the product. After the data gathering from the consumers, we architect and develop a matrix of product features and applications.

CMF Analysis

Colour is product identity
Material is its strength
Finishing is about feeling

CMF analysis is In this phase, we analyse the colour, finishing and use the most suitable material for the product. During the CMF, we try to understand our client's vision, product segment, and user profile. We create different colour patterns, finishing levels, and product material options based on observations. Then, based on brand style and user interest, we will select CMF to reflect the brand vision.


Criador Labs Brand Identity

Corporate Identity

This is our most creative service, where we understand our client's company value, vision, mission and develop their visiting card, flyers, banners, and Diaries that reflect their values. We focus on delivering the message by the corporate identity to their consumers, Team Members by their Design & Colors. Corporate identity is a crucial factor in building brand awareness and influencing the customer's decision-making process. We try to visualize data that is provided by you and create graphics with merging creativity, strategy, aesthetics and your brand values. We give services for logo design, printing, and infographics.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is essential as it plays a pivotal role to create a better product experience from its first glance; it influences consumer perception. For packaging design, we try to communicate the product essence and values of the brand that the company is trying to convey to its consumer. Therefore, we provide packaging design with ingenuity, innovation, modern, uniqueness, aesthetic and packaging architecture to represent your brand story.

Workshop & Learning

Design Thinking Workshop: We believe in sharing knowledge, so we are open to conducting a Design Thinking seminar for corporates, educational institutes, NGOs, Research Centers, MSMEs, and Startups. Generally, this seminar can be 2 hours to 15 hours (2 days).
Module 1: Gathering Insights
Understand the design thinking framework through case studies
Identifying users pain points
Learn how to gather data and contextualize them into a meaningful architecture
Module 2: Ideation
Reframing and Ideation - Go wide and wild problem-solving technique
Know how to foresee the needs based on user personas Module 3: Implementation
Prototyping and testing - fail fast, keep moving technique
Know how to stitch the design to the insights gathered
Open-Discussion: Your current role and how design thinking benefits you

We are also experts into the engineering design, to explore more about our engineering capabilities Engineering Expertise

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