Synfosy wanted a design for Arduino microcontroller kit casing. Things they primarily asked were Safe, Durable, High accessibility and An Awesome look. our job was to create an attractive look for the case. One certainly don’t want to carry a green box all around

Putting Ingredients altogether was quiet challenging for the team. We discussed each section of the product requirement along with the end user expectations and experience. We helped to define the requirements of products and accessibility among the user’s community. And further develop a design build.

Team Decided to develop multiple sketches, giving client an option to make a decision according to their expectation. Once A selection is made from client side, we addressed the Engineering design challenge. Accessibility challenge was, the casing had to accommodate a variety of external connectors, including 15V power supply, electronic cable, and USB. The USB needed to be accessible when opening the casing (via screws, to comply with the relevant safety regulations). As well as allowing for 1 sensor M12 4 pin female plug, we created a design that could accommodate a second M12 4 pin female plug alongside the first sensor plug, if required. We recommended an injection molding production process using ABS.


An average Arduino microcontroller goes for $40/each. So That was certainly a challenge for us to keep the production cost moderate (Below $10). With that all covered, we progressed with 3D Modelling and Design for manufacturability. We rendered Photorealistic Images. And Finally, able to create a High functioning engineering design with low production cost. Sinfosy made remark that design was bright colored and Stackable along with their expectations.

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