A Gift of Technology to Farmers and Gardeners

The idea behind the device is to help gardeners with smart technology. Bhumi can measure ambient temperature, air humidity, soil moisture and acidity. Bhumi connects with your mobile device through Wi-Fi to display all reports directly in the mobile App. It makes Bhumi a gardener’s true friend!


Bhumi is connected to a cloud database with information about thousands of plants, varieties and optimal growing conditions. It helps gardeners to decide what to grow. Its soil nutrition and moisture tracking system, keeps you updated with plant requirements over the growing period. And all the information is accessible via your Smartphone.


Designing this device was a big challenge. We looked at many different possibilities in terms of aesthetics, power and connectivity, and also had to consider positioning in the garden. We selected solar to power the device –so it relies on the same natural energy as the plants surrounding it. We designed the garden sensor to blossom from the earth, collecting data from your garden and sending it straight to the App. Bhumi is resistant to fertilizers and water as well – for optimum garden operation.



We adopted a holistic design approach across the project. The result is a smart garden system that provides real-time information about what is happening in your garden, gives you tips on how to make your plants thrive, and even gives you insights as to what plants or plant groupings will grow best in any given environment. It adds benefit for the novice as well as for the expert gardener. Bhumi has been designed to take the guessing out of gardening – giving you the tools to grow flourishing plants even amidst a busy urban lifestyle.

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