Easy-to-use wearable ECG sensor

CALM is a company focused on technology for a healthy lifestyle. Making wearable biosensors for health data analytics, CALM wants to create technology to inform and motivate people to reach their goals. CALM wearable ECG sensors collect data from daily physical activity. The reports can be analysed in CALM software on mobile devices. The sensors can be worn using a wrist strap, or as disposable pads.


The major challenges associated with this product were in the design and casing. We needed to ensure the sensors were created to support proper alignment and safety. The product was designed to be used directly on the skin, so it also had to be water resistant to some degree to come with sweat or rain. The placement of the LED indicators were another key consideration, so they could be easily seen by the user. Plus, the product design had to be manufacturing-friendly.


We were able to address all the issues listed by the client. Using CAD 3D design, we specified optimum alignment and moulding processes. We also addressed the LED light issue. Our final design was a manufacturing-friendly design that was aesthetically pleasing and provided safety compliance for the electrodes and sensors. The finished product was also tested for water resistance. The product is now available on the client’s website: calm-health

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