World’s first humidity free salt shaker

Sharyn Cook, a Queensland Australia based entrepreneur, came up to with an Idea of product which is a humidity free shaker that has been designed to dispense healthy unrefined salt, pepper, seeds, herbs, spices & sprinkles. Her vision was to promote usage of unrefined healthy salt, and Unrefined salts are difficult to store and they can clog up very soon. We helped our client's mission with the concept.

We faced few challenges. One of them was to give the product strength for day to day use and shouldn’t need extra care, which eliminated the use of glass. After a lot of research work, we found a plastic which was very new to market called “Eastman Tritan”. This is as clear as Glass and won’t break even when you stand on it.

The design should be in such a way, that material filled inside come out easily when the quantity is low in the shaker. We performed a lot of simulations to make the product effortless to use. We had a numerous iteration of prototyping before we finally concluded our best design.


To maintain a premium look, the product manufacturing shouldn’t leave any visible lines. To Tackle that, we had to go through 63 manufacturers and 2 months of hard work before we finally find one who can manufacture the complex shape of the product without any welded lines using Injection-Blow molding. As our client was on a mission, we were with them creating the best possible. For Manufacturing, the destination was China. We were there all through. We took care of manufacturing, also we gave an extra hand to Sharyn with quality control and payment handling for manufacturing. And Finally, we helped to deliver Sharyn's idea to reality. The Product has recieved great success in Australian market. If you wish to buy this product, you can visit their online store at CubbyShaker

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