Marijuana Grinding Device

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian Producer of Medical Marijuana. The Quarter Billion Dollar Company produces Medical Cannabis and selling it at affordable prices for those in need. They are the second largest cannabis company in the world. Aurora reached out to us for a Marijuana Grinder development. A device which can make the Marijuana grinding simple and quick. The Device ‘Herb Grinder’ is for people who seek help to Medical Marijuana.


Herb Grinder is a small cylindrical device, almost the size of a human palm. It can be opened from top and has a blade system fitted over an electric motor. It has different blade sets to maintain consistency in ground cannabis. A complete aluminum outer body for slick aesthetics. The device concept is, load the device with buds, and push a button, that’s it.

We begin the development with Product Ideation. Through sketches, we brought the product idea to eyes. We decided the size of the container, electronics placement and Overall design of the Grinder. We further proceeded with concept design, where we defined the functionality of the product, the mechanism involved and Usability Factors.


We prepared a detailed Product design based on our Concept and Ideation. We produced our design to Aurora for comments before prototyping. Aurora confirmed our design and asked us for the prototype. We developed our final prototype to them and made Aurora’s Herb Grinder come to life. Aurora CEO talks about his mission to make the product more into retail. With Product like Herb Grinder is definitely going to help them win those retail consumer Market.

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