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Supporting the Visually Challenged through Technology

Locomoc Inc are working on a visionary project called Monoca. The mission is to provide information and communication technology as an aid to people with poor vision and for people who are completely blind. The project goal was to make a wearable device which can detect, analyse and notify the wearer using AI. The product includes a smartphone-like dual lens camera, with Bluetooth and a touch sensor. It can be connected with your mobile device and runs on a rechargeable battery with at least 12 hrs of full cycle.



  • Perfect ergonomics: the product must be designed for easy use by blind people and people with poor vision.
  • Accessibility: the product needed not to be complex and must be very easy to use for anyone wearing it.
  • blind


    We worked on shaping the idea starting from hand-drawn sketches. We provided six concept design options. The client’s project team then analyzed all the designs and selected their best preference. We progressed with the selection and developed a 3D CAD model. We also contributed to the project success by developing a manufacturing plan. We assisted the project team with possible material selections.

    The final design was an ergonomically designed wearable device with a mounted camera and speakers on each side. By creating an accessible design for use by visually impaired users, we were able to deliver Project Monoca's Vision.

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