The Perfect Shopping Companion

One of the major goals of technology is to make life easier and simpler. Our shopping cart project is one such project. With the use of information technology and mechanical design, we successfully developed this great-looking, robust shopping cart.


The cart has two shopping baskets which can be detached so users can carry them around. The four-wheel cart has a comfortable push handle and its 360˚-rotation wheels ensure its movement is super smooth. The brakes make it easy to move around in the street or in the shopping aisle. The cart is easily collapsible and foldable and comes with a protective rain cover.

The shopping cart comes with an integrated display screen which connects with your phone to display your shopping list. It also has a non-slippery pad to hold your phone. A power adapter with a 10,000 mAH battery ensures long life – perfect if you usually spend hours out shopping! Our attention to the design criteria and product usability was precise. We added a push button to the top of the first basket to make it easy to remove whenever necessary and then simply clip back in the same manner.


The project began with the concept development of “a perfect shopping cart”. We proceeded to a 3D design of the concept so we could see the idea in motion. We simulated a 50KG load test on the 3D Design to check durability. Then, a full-scale prototype was developed after our final design testing. The result was beautiful: an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional product.

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