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Locked Coke - Coke bottle with a smart lock

A Coke bottle that makes loved ones meet and celebrate the Diwali festival

The ‘Locked’ bottle is fitted with a special Bluetooth-enabled cap, that is programmed to open only in the presence of the sender’s mobile phone. The concept is in line with Coke’s #MilkeHiManegiDiwali campaign, which encourages consumers to meet and celebrate this Diwali in person.
This is a first-of-its-kind product innovation by Coke in India. The bottle can be ordered via a microsite by filling in the gift recipient’s residential address and a customised festive wish or message. The recipients will then receive the customised bottle via delivery, which will be pre-programmed to detect the presence of the sender’s mobile phone in order for it to be unlocked. This unique bottle acts as a symbolic reminder of a promise made to meet in person.

Criador Labs has worked with Ogilvy India and delivered the Industrial Design, UI/UX Design, Mechanical Design, Electronics Design, Electrical Design, Software development, Prototype development, and Manufacturing of the smart locks for this project.

Here's the functionality of the lock -

You can visit the campaign video here -

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