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Criador Labs is a multidisciplinary product design and innovation firm that brings revolutionary ideas to life, helping clients through the difficulties and challenges of innovation, delivering efficient, effective, and long-lasting success. From its inception, Criador Labs has utilized the best new-age technologies for its clients, completing over 100+ client projects, producing over 50+ prototypes, and 10+ product manufacturings.

Criador Labs serves ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 clients in the healthcare, consumer, and commercial industries, delivering innovation through multi-functional expertise in research, technology, design, engineering, and manufacturing. 

We manifest your vision.

Eve smart bottle - Medical Devices
BONT RFID Reader - Consumer Electronics
OMPT Portable Projector - Consumer Electronics
Design, Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing servies

With a multi-disciplinary approach


Research, Creativity, Mock ups...


Hardware, Software, Development...


Consultations, support...


3D prints, CNC...

What clients are saying :

CEO, Aventure Sync

"The best thing about Criador Labs is that they are very friendly and helpful. The results met the requirements of the client and the software is fully functional. While there were a few small er- rors, Criador Labs was quick to make changes and corrections when necessary. The team is recep- tive to feedback, responsive to inquiries, and easy to work with.”

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