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IDA Design Award Winner Criador Labs

Criador Labs is a multidisciplinary product innovation and design studio that brings revolutionary ideas to life, helping clients through the difficulties and challenges of innovation, and delivering efficient, effective, and long-lasting success. From its inception, Criador Labs has utilized the best new-age technologies for its clients, completing over 100+ client projects, producing over 50+ prototypes, and 10+ product manufacturings.

Criador Labs serves ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 clients in the healthcare, consumer, and commercial industries, delivering innovation through multi-functional expertise in research, technology, design, engineering, and manufacturing. 

We manifest your vision.

Eve smart bottle - Medical Devices Design and Development
BONT RFID Reader - Consumer Electronics Design and Development
OMPT Portable Projector - Consumer Product Design and Development
Design, Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing servies

With a multi-disciplinary approach


Research, Creativity, Mock ups...


Hardware, Software, Development...


Consultations, support...


3D prints, CNC...

What clients are saying :

Management Supervisor, Ogilvy

"We were impressed with the commitment showcased by treating our requirements as more than just a regular job. With Criador Labs as a design partner, end consumers ordered all available product quantities, and the campaign was well-received. They collaborated effectively through email and WhatsApp. In the end, their dedication and reliability made Criador Labs a stand-out team.”

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