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Powerstone : Smart Wireless charger

Experience New Heights in Electronic Product Design with Our Engineering Expertise

Witness the birth of Powerstone, a visionary concept brought to life by our Product Design Studio. Collaborating with a client with global ambitions, we embarked on the end-to-end development of this smart wireless charger. From ideation to realization, our studio presented detailed concepts, with one emerging as the chosen path for further development. Join us at the intersection of electronic product design and engineering prowess, as we reshape the landscape of industrial design and electronic manufacturing companies.

Powerstone is a world’s first smart wireless charger and works with Alexa and Google Home. It offers 15W Qi fast wireless charging. It comes with a mobile application where you can set you recommended settings and the device can read notifications from your phone while charging and convey through the LED indications on the device. You can then ask Alexa or Google Home device to read any notifications or any phone related data such battery percentage and the device fetches and sends the related data to cloud, which is then used by Alexa and Google Home for conveying to the users.

Our client from India wanted to build a consumer electronics brand from India. He had this visionary idea of a smart wireless charger in mind and wanted to develop it and manufacture in India and sell Globally. He approached us to develop do the end-to-end development of the product.

We ideated and proposed different detailed concepts to the client out of which one was shortlisted for further development. We then worked on the CFM aspects of the device and 3D model of the device and provided high resolution renders with the CFM.

Working on the Electronics that included firmware development for the wireless charging, and WiFi modules. We also worked on the schematics layout, PCB layout design, and the PCB Gerber. Working on the Mechanical Design of the enclosure based on the final concept and providing the fixtures for mounting PCB and light guide design to disperse the light evenly. We also worked on multi purpose stand design that can help to make the device stand on both portrait and landscape modes. The DFM for the design is done for Injection Moulding. Working on the software development that includes - android and iOS application with front-end and back-end development.

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