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Look-Like prototype & Fully-functional prototype

Preliminary prototyping captures basic form and functionality using methods like 3D printing or assembling existing components. Functional testing ensures the prototype meets specifications and identifies design flaws or improvements. Usability testing evaluates user experience, ease of use, and gathers feedback for improvement. Performance testing assesses durability, reliability, speed, and efficiency. Iterative refinement incorporates feedback, making adjustments until desired functionality and user experience are achieved. Market evaluation assesses potential demand and aligns the product with market requirements before final prototype development and preparation for production.

Cubby Envi_edited.jpg


Consumer Product

Product Design Process of Cubby Shaker: Humidity Free Salt Shakers




Packaging Design Process of Kindly His: Medical Equipment Development and Creative Box Packaging Design.


Locked Coke

Marketing Product

Product Design Process of Coke: Elevate Gifting with Our Creative Packaging Design Expertise

  • What are the Product Design Services you offer?
    Criador Labs is a Product Design Studio in Bangalore, India. We offer end-to-end services for product design and development that include Design, Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing.
  • How much does it cost to develop a hardware product?
    The cost of development is very subjective from product to product. It depends on the time and effort required to develop the product which inturn depends on the design innovation expected, technologies-to-be-used, and the engineering work to be done.
  • How long does it take to develop a hardware product?
    The time required to develop a product depends on the whether there is a innovation needed or not, the technologies used, and the type of product (consumer,medical etc) with it’s regulatory requirements. Having said that, the end-to-end development can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.
  • What is your product design and development process?
    With years of expertise, we have adopted our own custom agile development process to take a product from idea to manufacturing.
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing the work to you?
    By outsourcing your R&D work, you can focus on things that you are good at and let us handle the part of work that we are good at. This greatly reduces your time to market.
  • Which type of products do you develop?
    We typically work on consumer goods, consumer appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices, medical equipment, and commercial devices/equipment.
  • Do you work with start-ups?
    We work with start-ups a lot. It brings us real joy to be a part of a startup’s journey and help them succeed by helping them out in their product development.
  • Do you do medical device development?
    Yes, we work on Class 1 & Class 2 (FDA classification) medical devices. Our process complies with ISO13485 and ISO 14971.
  • Do you develop an IoT product?
    Yes, we have the multi-functional design and engineering expertise to develop an IoT product completely in-house.
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