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mCaffeine : Packaging coffee cup

Immersive Box Package Design for mCaffeine's Body Wash and Shampoo Range

Journey into the world of mCaffeine with our box packaging design, a unified solution for the entire body wash and shampoo range. Our product design services commenced with meticulous research, exploring coffee cup design ratios, competitor analysis, and the unique brand identity of mCaffeine, culminating in a visually striking mood board. Experience the fusion of creativity and functionality as we redefine the landscape of product packaging design in India.

On Oct 1st, to honour the International Coffee day, mCaffeine wanted to launch their products with a brand new coffee-cup inspired packaging. The goal was to design a single packaging solution that can work for the entire body wash and shampoo range. The requirements were as below:
1. The packaging should evoke the feel of a coffee cup.
2. The lid should have an outlet opening to let the body wash flow at a specific rate.
3. There should be a handle to carry the product and the handle should also act like a cap for the outlet opening.

We started with the industrial design process with research into coffee cup design ratios, competitors, brand identity of mCaffeine and arrived at our mood board. We then ideated concept sketches and presented to client.

Out of the concepts, one concept was chosen by the client to take forward with the rendering and CFM aspects. A coffee colour with matte finish was chosen. We used Polypropylene with Coffee grounds as our final material.

In parallel, we were also working on Engineering design aspects that include the mechanism for the coffee cup lid, handle, the opening mechanism and the size of the opening hole to deliver the right amount of product to the user. Besides we also had to think of a vent hole addition that will allow the air to pass in to avoid suction creation as the product leaves the packaging. And the entire packaging has to be leak proof as well when packed completely. We iterated our designs with quick prototyping using 3D printing and tested with the body wash and then fine-tuned the required aspects. Our design was launched into the market on Oct 2021 and had a huge success.

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