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Trillion Bits : Brand Identity

Experience Seamless Product Development for Startups with Our Design Studio

Step into the world of Trillion Bits, where our Product Design Studio has meticulously crafted a compelling brand identity. Beyond new product design, our services extend to comprehensive product development for startups, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to market. Dive into the essence of our brand identity design services, where long-form storytelling takes center stage, creating a visual and narrative grid that captivates and resonates. Join us in shaping brands that transcend expectations and redefine the landscape of product design services in India.

This Brand Identity was created for Trillion Bits, A corporation that was venturing into the personal care industry. The client wanted to have a logo that represents the multiple brands he envisioned launch under this corporate umbrella. We started off with doing a lot of research and working on many frameworks to understand the requirements. The frame works were an important in bringing the clients vision to life.

We then moved on to creating mood boards & colour palettes for the brand. Weekly calls with Client were mandatory to make progress and efficiently apply the feedback given. Once the mood boards were approved, we chose the Typography. The Typeface needed to have certain attributes (modern, progressive, reliable etc). After weeks of searching we zeroed in on Expletus Sans designed by Design Town.

From the font, The key element of the logo was derived. We went on to create a grid from the element and highlighted a 'T' & a 'b' that represents Trillion Bits. The colours were also explored with regards to the grid and the logo. The logo was a glowing success!

We also created a long form for the brand. The long form was also placed in a grid along with the clearing space. The clearing space is given as part of the brand manual to guide future designers/editors to have a set minimum space around the logo. We also determined the minimum size & maximum size for print and digital use. A set of rules for the usage of the logo, paired with appropriate colour combinations were also given. The typefaces and typeface combination was given as Expletus Sans (For Heading & Important information) & Open Sans (For Body text). The Trillion Bits branding is now live on linkedin & Instagram. Have a look at some other details about the brand identity in the gallery below.

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