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Bont : Card game device

Consumer electronics product development | Product Design Services

Baloot is a famous card game played in Saudi Arabia. Big Tournaments are also conducted for this game with thousands of participants. Here, given the calculation of score in all games is manual, it wastes a lot of time and human resources.

Responding to a challenge presented by our Saudi Arabian client, we embarked on the design and development of BONT – a novel product aimed at providing a streamlined, automated solution.

At the first stage, we worked on the Industrial Design of the RFID reader device. The requirements are as below:
1. The Design needed to look aesthetic, mimalistic, and premium
2. Have a dedicated area on the device to place the cards so that they can be read by the Antenna placed below the area.
3. Have a space inside the device to store the cards when not in use for easy portability and storage

Within our Product Design Studio, a flurry of creativity ensued as we sketched multiple concepts for BONT. Presenting the client with five distinct and detailed proposals, we collaboratively chose one for further refinement. We then worked on the CFM aspects of the device and 3D model of the device and provided high resolution renders with the CFM.

In the realm of electronic product design, our focus shifted to the intricacies of the Electronics. Our tasks encompassed firmware development for Bluetooth, RFID, and Power Management modules, ensuring a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for BONT.
We then designed the PCB with antenna that can read all 32 tags at once. We achieved the accuracy of 100% here. Working on the Mechanical Design of the enclosure based on the final concept and providing the fixtures for mounting PCB, battery and access points such as button, and USB. We also worked on hinge and snap fit mechanism for card holders. This design was made using DFM principles for Injection Moulding. Working on the android and iOS application front-end and back-end software and implemented the entire game logic.

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