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Eve : A healthcare companion

Elevate Pill Adherence and Hydration with Our Water Bottle Packaging Design

Discover Eve, our ingenious creation at the forefront of medical equipment development. The Eve Bottle, designed to tackle adherence challenges, seamlessly integrates LED and a pill holder while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. Dive into our product design and development journey, where ergonomic excellence and cost-effectiveness converge, setting a new standard in smart water bottle innovation.

Medical adherence relates to how well a person follows their prescribed medical advice. A lack of adherence when taking medication can result in dangerous outcomes, particularly for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Every year more than 200,000 deaths occur due to non-adherence globally. Eve is designed to solve this huge problem.

Eve stores up to 20 pills in its 3 compartment pill holder integrated right into the bottle and reminds them when it's time to take their medication with the help of LED glow and Music. A mobile app helps set the pill timings, which get synced to bottle and cloud. The bottle holds patent-pending technology, with sensors tracking medication intake and sending the adherence data via the WiFi chip to the cloud. The data is analysed and custom notifications and reports are sent to caretakers, hospitals and insurance companies for taking different measures and actions.

The industrial design of Eve, which started with ideation. The goal was to integrate the LED & Pill holder into the device and still keep the bottle beautiful and elegant. Then we finalised the concept design that did best in terms of criteria that include ergonomics, functionality, feasibility, cost price.

Working on the electronics development included developing embedded software to integrate components - WiFi, Bluetooth, Sensors, LEDs and a battery unit. The PCBs were also designed to fit inside the bottle. Developing the Android and iOS application with the designed screens that can connect to the bottle via Bluetooth and the AWS server to sync the data from the cloud. The final step was prototyping, where the PCB was fabricated and the components were assembled and fitted inside a 3D printed bottle using FDM and SLA technologies. The functionality was then tested by connecting with the mobile app.

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