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Hair Straighteners

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Criador Labs | Product Design Firm | USA & India

Hair Straighteners Huachi

Huachi flat iron has excellent ratings on different online shopping websites. As you go through the design of the straightener, they have looked up to fully feel the customer's needs, such as the flat iron handle has an ergonomically designed form where you get a perfect grip to hold the straightener. Furthermore, the simple function of locking and unlocking the straightener has been given a proper technique and placement. The 360 rotating cable is also beneficial to the customer to move the straightener in any direction. Talking about moving functionality, the iron plates move up and down to help you straighten your hair quickly and the width of plates helps to straighten the hair in a short time and is also helpful for thick hair.

Advice: They have provided a screen on the top for the temperature and also buttons on the bottom to increase and decreases temperature, so you can select any temperature you want as per your hair type it will stop heating until it reaches the temperature, but the problem comes where the user is not notified that the temperature is reached to their desired temperature so they can give sound to notify and red blinking light.

FURIDEN mini flat iron

Furien 2 in 1 flat iron is designed as travel friendly. Analyzing The design of combining lock, switch, and temperatures save the space required for all of these things.

Advice: As the flat iron front body is made of metal because of which the heat transfer on top but they have provided silicon on both the side to hold on and also offer gloves with their product, but as if the material has been changed to the high quality of heat repellent there was need of different material and glove. The review of customers shows that just giving two other types of temperature for different hairstyles is not enough because different hair textures and quality need different kinds of heat, so their concern of damage has increased. Other than that, it's a good design as a travel-friendly product.

Remington 1¾” Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron

Remington is 2 in 1 working straightener designed to cancel the fuss of blow-drying the hair and then straightening. It has a 30 temperatures dial setting for dry, damp hair; it preheats and blinks light. The design of the straightener is good ergonomically, and the thought behind the creation of 2 in 1 is to focus on the customer journey and how different times they use a straightener. They have provided holes to steam to go out and not outburn your hands.

Advice: From customers' reviews, a hairdresser heating the wet hair can make them dry and damage the hair. So look up why and how wet hair gets damaged.

Philips HP8318/00 Hair Straightener

Philips straightener is starting to up their game with the power button and indicator on the right side, not in the middle as per the last model; they are trying to make it user-friendly and also the form the straightener is changed for the grip.

Advice: But looking at the customer reviews, the straightener heats quick and does not maintain the temperature, so they should give different and also due to the form there are some problem is due to the surface in front customer can’t straighten the hair till the root of near the ears and also due to the curve surface it doesn't straighten the hair evenly and even due to heavy heat and smooth form hands get burnt.

Havells HS4151 Electric Hair Straightener

Havells design language is minimal; this straightener provides you with a temperature setting, locking system, power button in a slick form, and long flats iron.

Advice: The problem with the design is that the metal body, which is a good conductor of heat, so transfers the heat from iron plates to the body and the hand starts burning and also the form and the finish makes the grip weak, so changing the shape and material can solve the problem faced by the customer.

Vega VHSH-22 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener

Vega has excellent ratings on different online shopping websites. Talking about their design, they have a different temperature setting for different hair types and a digital display for temperature and buttons are provided to increase and decrease the heat.

Advice: The straightener outer shell is made of metal that heats up quickly, so the material and form are straight, so there is no exceptional grip given for holding the straightener.


We researched different straightener brands and analyzed some minor problems such as placement, reachability gripping, and the issues the customer faced while using it, so we came up with just a simple solution. The main straightener difference is, it will have a temperature setting where you can select temperature as per your hair type, it will stop heating and notify you by sound and light, plus it will also let you know how hot is straightener. The temperature placement is done on the top because it's essential to see the temperature as it can overheat and damage your hair. The ceramic iron plate will not overheat and also we have given a simple primary lock and unlock system.


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