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Kindly His - Sperm testing kit

Revolutionizing Medical Equipment Development and Creative Box Packaging Design

Welcome to our Indian Product Design Studio, where innovation converges with precision. Explore our expertise in medical equipment development and creative box packaging design. Dive into our recent project, the Kindly His - Sperm Testing Kit, to witness our commitment to a discreet, minimal aesthetic and an intuitive packaging experience. As pioneers in the product design process, we tailor solutions for startups, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to reality. Join us at the forefront of engineering design, redefining the landscape of product development in India.

Kindly, a company that understands the importance of sexual health and lifestyle, embarked on a redesign of their existing home test kit to better serve their target audience - the general population who are looking to improve their sexual health and lifestyle, while also striving for success in their careers, providing for their families, and embarking on the journey to fatherhood.

In designing the new home test kit, we have to keep in mind the sensitive nature of the product and its usage. We envisioned a minimal, discreet, and clean aesthetic, coupled with an intuitive packaging experience that would make the process as seamless and user-friendly as possible. The ultimate goal was to evoke a sense of pride and warmth in the user, not only by providing them with the tools they need to improve their sexual health, but also by easing them into this new experience with a sense of comfort and reassurance.

To achieve this, we took into account the preferences and needs of their target audience, as well as the brand philosophy and positioning, to develop a set of visual cues that would guide the design language of the product. This included, for example, the selection of colour palette, typography, and imagery that would resonate with their target audience, and ultimately help them to feel at ease while using the home test kit. All in all, the redesign aimed to provide not just a functional product, but also an elevated and welcoming experience for their target audience.

We started with the packaging design by creating multiple sketches which would embody the ethos of the company. Instilling a sense of intuitiveness and modern inviting look and feel was at the core of every iteration. We then identified the best concepts that would be unique and be feasible for mass production with the least production cost, keeping the total number of parts low and making the overall design cost effective was one of the key aspects of the design requirement. Color, Material and Finish plays a vital role in the packaging of any product. We explored a variety of colour and finish options that were in-line with the brand identity of Kindly. Based on the design reviews and evaluation, we arrived at the final design.

We have to design a leak-proof container which is of high quality and also to keep the production cost within range. Keeping this in mind we designed a bottle which is optimised for both cost and quality. It also integrates a snap-feedback mechanism with a lock-arrow alignment symbol to make it intuitive and easy for users to signify that the bottle is properly locked.

The final step was prototyping, where the fabricated the container using 3D printing - FDM and SLA. Testing was done to ensure design performs as expected and feedback was incorporated to make new iterations of the design. The final iteration of the design was then released for Injection moulding.

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